Training in settings

NETCO, professional training organization

NETCO provides training courses for the development of skills throughout the country
(Activity declaration number 72.33.06767.33).  

NETCO is certified QUALIOPI


These training courses are intended for all industries and companies using belt and roller conveyor systems.
 These training courses are provided by NETCO’s technical managers.
Each course is tailored to the priorities and needs of the client.

Training in the adjustment of textile belt conveyors

  • Train your operational teams on the risks posed by conveyors
  • Understand the operation and behavior of a conveyor belt in its environment
  • Know how to adjust a conveyor 
  • Understand and avoid failures due to misuse or misadjustment

The NETCO training for conveyor settings is as follows :

  • Duration of the training: 7 hours  – Up to 10 participants
  • Theoretical course on the different types of conveyors and the adjustments necessary for optimal operation
  • Practical course on the client’s facilities
  • Delivery of a teaching aid for each participant

NETCO makes the difference

NETCO is certified as a “Training Organization” and offers its customers training courses adapted to the adjustment and maintenance of their conveyors and thus accentuates our support

Reason n°4

At the end of each NETCO training session, the trainees note the quality of the training received as well as their degree of satisfaction.

Reason n°1

With more than 120 years of experience, NETCO offers to share its expertise with its customers