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Modern conveyor system with boxes in motion.

NETCO, the first global maintenance network for conveyor systems in France, Germany and Luxembourg

A global ambition

Think global, act local

The Group was built on strong human values and has developed a local proximity with its customers which today reflects its business expertise of over 120 years.

NETCO deploys its strategy of accompanying its clients in order to always serve them better:  

Strengthening our presence in the field with local agencies on intervention and maintenance activities.

We support our industrial customers over the long term with measurable objectives such as equipment availability.

The development of digitalization tools to connect our teams to our customers and reinforce the efficiency of our maintenance operations.

Over 120 years of experience at your side


Creation of PERRIEZ in Bordeaux, a company specializing in industrial supplies for the navy, industry and agriculture.


The second generation PERRIEZ takes over the management of the Group Launch of trading activities in petroleum products


Launch of export activities for technical products, mainly to partners in former French colonies

1974 – 1976

The third PERRIEZ generation takes over the management of the company. Establishment of the Group in Bordeaux Nord in new warehouses responding to the increase in the volume of activity


Launch of maintenance activities with the creation of agencies in the greater South-West


Diversification of the Group in technical handling by conveyor belts marked by the acquisition of the SOVI entity


Launch of the national NETCO project with the aim of becoming the national and European leader in technical handling by conveyor belt

2000 – 2007

Strong growth of the Group through the establishment of a network on the national and regional territory, through our point-of-service agencies.

The increase in our locations makes it possible to optimize our service offers thanks to the pooling of technical teams and thus strengthens our responsiveness to intervention.

2008 – 2009

Geographical subsidiary of the NETCO network. The fourth PERRIEZ generation takes over the management of the Group


Implementation of our optimized industrial processes, particularly on the supply and logistics part

2015 – 2016

Launch of the e-Prod NETCO project: Digitization of interventions in order to optimize responsiveness, control of the fleet and site monitoring in collaboration with our customers and technicians.

Investment in production tools dedicated to the storage, processing and accessorizing of conveyor belts in PVC, PU… Thanks to investments in High Frequency welding machines, equipment in high-performance presses for all agencies and subsidiaries of the group.

2019 – 2022

Integration of the NETCO project in Western Europe with the establishment of strategic partnerships with the ABM TECNA group, leader in the Benelux zone and the MASANES Group, leader in the Iberian Peninsula


Launch of our CRM business on tablets with our sales force with the aim of following our customers’ activity and requests as closely as possible, of viewing the site analyzes carried out by the technical teams and thus of proposing solutions and specific actions to improve knowledge of our customers’ conveyor fleet


Group CSR approaches and performance

Green Building Architecture

Our CSR ambitions and objectives for 2025


Vs 59% in 2022




The MASE (Manuel d’Amélioration Sécurité Entreprise) is a reference system aimed at improving health and safety in the workplace as well as the protection of our environment.
This daily approach is part of the professionalism of our teams to obtain the trust of our customers, because Health, Safety and the preservation of the Environment remain a real priority for all the Women and Men who make up our Group.


NETCO has built its organization according to the ISO 9001 standard.
It is an international standard that constitutes a guide for the management of a company.
The continuous and permanent improvement of our processes are the essential virtues of our Group to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

” The QUALIOPI mark is the certification mark for providers of actions contributing to the development of skills.
Its objective is to certify the quality of the process implemented to provide training.
NETCO has been certified QUALIOPI since 11/08/2022 by an independent external organization.
This certification allows our clients to benefit from public or mutualized funds (OPCO, etc. ….)


Since the launch of the NETCO project, we have built a fully integrated management system on the fundamental pillars in our management : 
Quality, based on the ISO 9001 standard
Health, Safety, Environment with our MASE certification

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