Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

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Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries require high technical standards, certified products that comply with current standards, and a wide variety of applications, in addition to the highly regulated processes in sensitive environments.

Our preventive maintenance experts work to make production lines more reliable in order to limit damage and the inherent downtime.

Our knowledge of current standards and regulations and our experience with light weight belts in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries make the difference with our customers and historical partners.

NETCO makes the difference

Our main assets that ensure you a high quality service

Reason n°1

Access to all ranges with efficient logistics and technical independence

Reason n°2

Dedicated and trained teams for light weight belts, PVC, PU 

Reason n°3

Our highly qualified and trained specialists are available 24/7!

Reason n°3

Over 120 years of experience and expertise that we share with our clients