Drums, liners and rollers

Environment, waste recovery
Mineral industry, quarry, sand pit
Wood and wood products industry
Iron and steel industry, metal industry
Agricultural machinery

NETCO offers a complete range of drums, liners and rollers adapted to your needs 

 elastomer and rubber coating of the drums (natural rubber…) :

  • excellent resistance to wet abrasion,
  • excellent resistance to cutting and tearing,
  • good elasticity even at low temperatures

Ceramic coating of the drums :

  • extremely high wear resistance properties,
  • reduces the risk of slipping and increases the adhesion between the conveyor belt and the drum,

Wide range of rollers:

  • Standard “Mine” type rollers for top rollers and return rollers with sealed and greased “for life” bearings
  • Rollers of type “decracker”, “guide” and “garland”…
  • We are also able to manufacture specific rolls according to plans in steel, stainless steel, HDPE

NETCO makes the difference

Our main assets that ensure you a high quality service

Reason n°1

Access to all ranges with efficient logistics and technical independence

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Our highly qualified and trained specialists are available 24/7!

Reason n°3

Over 120 years of experience and expertise that we share with our clients