Conveyor sealing & Optim’Auge

Environment, waste recovery
Mineral industry, quarry, sand pit
Wood and wood products industry
Iron and steel industry, metal industry
Agricultural machinery


The Optim’Trough® guarantees the tightness of belt conveyors, whatever the products transported: heavy, light, abrasive, corrosive, hot, fine or coarse granulometry

The advantages are numerous :

Clean environment: no more dust outside the conveyor or material overflow.
Perfect alignment of the belts
A totally secure conveyor for the personnel in the vicinity

New concept that allows 

Improved performance through a clean environment
Savings on cleaning costs
A better use of the productivity: no overflow, no loss of material
A gain on maintenance costs
A reduction in production downtime
No risk of accident with this conveyor system
A very fast return on investment

Efficiency 100% guaranteed !

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