Covers, chains, flat guides, scrapers

Environment, waste recovery
Mineral industry, quarry, sand pit
Wood and wood products industry
Iron and steel industry, metal industry
Agricultural machinery

INETCO intervenes and supplies you with all parts for your chain conveyors:

The Channels:

  • Forged chain
  • ISO chain DIN 8165, 816, 8168
  • All standard steps available
  • All standard sizes available

Scrapers, dishes and guides :

  • In normal steel, anti-wear steel or synthetic
  • Welded on the chain, bent, bolted between two chains
  • Any shape: flat horizontal, U, O, …
  • Scrapers for cleaning the bottom of conveyor boxes

Les Tourteaux :

  • Wheels with hub
  • Disc only
  • With / without removable segments

NETCO makes the difference

Our main assets that ensure you a high quality service

Reason n°1

Access to all ranges with efficient logistics and technical independence

Reason n°2

Our highly qualified and trained specialists are available 24/7!

Reason n°3

Over 120 years of experience and expertise that we share with our clients